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Fighting the Effects of Gravity: A Bittersweet Journey into Middle Life

Fighting the Effects of Gravity: A Bittersweet Journey Into Middle Life - James Robinson Jr. Describe 2 different settings or locations. The Carribbean of Grenada and Pittsburgh. Both areas are related to the author's life and he relates pieces of life in these destinations.

Were you able to connect with the main character and why? Definitely. Because this book is a memoir, it was like he was sitting by you talking.

Did the book description relate to the story? Yes, the author provided a detailed description which gave me an inkling of what I was going to read.

Favourite quote… "Death destroys a man. The idea of death saves him." This book revolves around the observations the author has realised in his mid-life. I assume that death plays on your mind a lot more when you're in your fifties than earlier on in life.

Disclosure - I received a free book from the author. I was not obliged to write a positive review.